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How to Share Your Content Once it’s Created

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You know that sharing your content online is important in lieu of statistics that note that YouTube now gets more viewers in the 18 and over age group during prime-time viewing hours than any cable network. You may, however, be grappling with how you actually share your content online. That’s OK, though. We’re here to guide you through the process of getting your content seen once it has been created and published as a part of your content marketing strategy.

What do you do?

1. Share Your Content More Than Once

You might think that sharing your content two or three or four times as a part of your strategy on, say, Facebook or Twitter is a bad thing. Won’t people notice? Won’t people be bothered by it? The fact is, most people probably won’t notice at all, and, if they do, they probably won’t be bothered by it or bothered enough to do anything drastic such as, say, unfriend or unfollow you or stop being a fan of your page.


Unlike those who get their content from RSS feeders, social media followers are probably not going to see everything that you post. This is why it’s crucial that you share things multiple times so you can provide the most value to your audience. The vast majority of social media followers may never see any of your updates if you only post once. So, go ahead and share that blog article or video you made a few times as a part of your content marketing strategy. Just don’t be a spammer. Try and schedule reposts at a good time apart so you don’t have a busy schedule where you’re sharing the same thing over and over within minutes of each share.


2. Be Positive

Don’t be a Debbie Downer online as part of your content marketing strategy because nobody likes a sour puss. University of Pennsylvania researchers found that people are more likely to share and retweet positive content than negative. Those researchers also found that people are more likely to share things if those posts inspired awe in them. Coincidentally, useful content is more likely to make the go around. Think about it. Why did we start the title of this post with the words “How To?”


3. Reach Out to Influencers

Getting influencers to share your content is a great way to expand your social media reach. One study of more than 100 million articles found that if influencers share a particular piece of content, it will have a compounding effect on how often it is shared. On average, a post shared by an influencer can get almost 32% more social shares. When three influencers shared the content, it doubled the total number of shares. When five influencers shared the content, the shares quadrupled.


One of the ways in which you can get on the radar of influencers is to give them free publicity. Remember what we said in point two about being positive on social media. If you give someone a nice, glowing review in a tweet or blog post, they (or their marketing people) will be more likely to share the piece. For instance, if you were to put an influencer on a Top 10 list, they will share the post if it has good visibility and engagement. Sometimes, though, you might have to poke them on the back a little bit by sending them an e-mail to the piece or by using their Twitter handle in a Tweet. But don’t be afraid to reach out to influencers as part of your content marketing strategy.

Speaking of Reaching Out …

There are plenty of more ways to share your content on social media. Cyan Solutions is here for you with your content marketing strategy needs. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail if you need any more help getting started with sharing your content.

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