Non-Profit Marketer

“Should I increase brand awareness or donations with my limited budget?“

— Every Non-Profit Marketing Leader

Your decision impacts not just your immediate results, but also future budgets, approvals to bring on the right resources, and proof of your RoI to the organization.

Why not?

What’s your answer?

Select donations because that’s always a key priority, and focus all your budget on that.

A great option if you like short-term results that can’t be replicated or continued without support.

Opt for brand awareness and focus your budget on paid social for quick results.

A great option for a short-term boost in brand awareness, without continued results.

As a non-profit marketer, you have challenges unique to your sector.

The ones that critically impact your ability to get the results you want are:

  1. More donations and volunteers are a result of long-standing brand awareness, not impromptu decisions.
  2. Creating awareness about your cause requires a targeted strategy and continuous effort.
  3. This results in pressure to deliver content, social media, PR, and ads – all at the same time.
  4. You have limited (to no) support and resources because of budgetary limitations.
  5. Everyone expects you to “do more with less” (time, funds, and people).


That’s exactly why so many marketers like you opt to partner with an agency.

  1. Objective insight coupled with your knowledge to enhance strategic plans for long-lasting results.
  2. Expertise across the board without the hassle of hiring an entire team targeting brand, donation, and volunteer growth effectively.
  3. More cost efficiency with agencies costing less per month than what you’d pay for that expertise in-house.
  4. Greater RoI as you combine short and long term, organic and paid activities, utilizing a freed-up budget.

Should you choose an agency like Cyan Solutions to help you overcome those challenges and get desired results?

We’d like to say yes… and here’s what our clients have to say.

”Great experience so far! Have been very happy with the early results of our SEM campaign… plus the team is a delight to work with.”

Sarah Blick
Director of Marketing Communications
Wide Horizons For Children

“Thanks for your great team, Cyan, and all you do to make our organization look good!”

Caroline van nostrand
Director, Development and Communications
Yonge Street Mission

How can Cyan help you?

As a full-service marketing agency, Cyan offers design, video, advertising, production, and other services, with everything starting with a strong strategy.

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