Tech Marketer


“Why isn’t Marketing bringing in more leads yet?“

— Your Sales and Executive Teams

The answer you provide will impact the advertising budget for the next month or quarter, approvals to bring on the right resources, and prove your RoI to revenue generation.

Why not?

What’s your answer?

State that marketing – paid and organic – is a marathon and not a sprint.

An understandable response that buys you some time.

Go back to the drawing board because something got lost between your marketing strategy and implementation.

Usually the most common cause of less-than-optimal marketing results.</span >

As a tech marketer, you have challenges unique to your sector.

The ones that critically impact your ability to get results on paid and organic activities are:

  1. You’re pressed to deliver content, social media, PR, and ads – all at the same time.
  2. You have limited (to no) support and resources.
  3. Everyone expects you to “do more with less” (time, funds, and people).
  4. Not too many people understand the real role that your team plays in the business.

That’s exactly why so many marketers like you opt to partner with an agency.

  1. Expertise across the board without the hassle of hiring an entire team.
  2. More cost efficiency with agencies costing less per month than what you’d pay for that expertise in-house.
  3. More time to focus on integrating marketing into the larger business as you pass the baton to others to see tactics through.
  4. Greater RoI (and happier executives) as your team utilizes a freed-up budget on result-oriented tactics.
  5. Objective insight coupled with your knowledge to enhance strategic plans.

Should you choose an agency like Cyan Solutions to help you overcome those challenges and get desired results?

We’d like to say yes… and here’s what our clients have to say.

”Cyan is great to work with! They totally understand the vision and deliver quality results. Easy to talk to and very flexible.”

Selena Karkash
Manager, Marketing
Canadian Produce Marketing Association

“Chris, Lila, Melanie and the rest of the Cyan Solutions team have been great to work with!”

Taylor Massie
Vice-President – Marketing & Operations
Halpenny Insurance Brokers Ltd.

How can Cyan help you?

As a full-service marketing agency, Cyan offers design, video, advertising, production, and other services, with everything starting with a strong strategy.

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