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How we Boosted Audience Engagement for The Coaching Association of Canada

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With so much digital marketing noise, how do you stand out? How do you attract the right audience to your brand and content? How do you drive action – e.g. lead capture, newsletter sign ups, social shares, product sales – with your digital marketing strategy? Digital marketing is a broad umbrella that includes many techniques for targeting potential customers online. There are numerous ways to leverage the power of technology to market your business and its products online.

Here are some tactics we used to help The Coaching Association of Canada effectively engage their target audience with digital marketing.

Plan, strategize and research before you invest

Before you spend a dollar on digital marketing, you should take the time to plan, strategize, and research. Try to understand your target market and their online behavior. It can be helpful to create a persona to represent your typical customer. What are their challenges and desires? What online channels do they frequent and why? What are their interests and how can you engage with them through these channels? You should also assess your company’s digital marketing capacity. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you have the capacity to do internally, and what do you need to outsource? What are your current digital marketing assets and what more do you need? What digital marketing technologies does your company use? What are the strengths and limitations of these technologies? What are your digital marketing goals and objectives? How will you measure your progress and determine if your digital marketing activities are effective? Before we put any digital marketing in place for CAC, we ran through all these questions with them. This allowed us to get a strong sense of what their strengths and weaknesses were, while allowing us to identify the opportunities for improvement to help them engage their audience better.
Build a solid digital marketing foundation

To get started, you should put some effort into building a solid digital marketing foundation. This means you should address the basics of online marketing such as your website, your online presence, and your online reputation. These are critical elements of your digital marketing strategy. When we took on this project with the CAC, we understood that they already had a solid digital marketing foundation, they just needed some extra help getting their target audience engaged. However for those who do not have a strong digital marketing foundation, your marketing efforts may struggle to find success. Start with your website. It’s the first impression people have of your brand, so it must be up to date and accessible for your audience. If your website passes the “30-second test,” it’s a good start. In other words, people should be able to understand the benefits of your products and services and how they can benefit from them in less than 30 seconds.

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Develop a digital marketing strategy

Next, you should develop a digital marketing strategy. This is where you will define your objectives for your digital marketing efforts. You should identify your target audience and determine the best ways to reach them. For The CAC we developed many buyer personas to help us understand who our target audience was, and what their needs and wants were. This allowed us to make informed choices when developing our digital marketing strategy. With that in mind, you should also create a timeline for your digital marketing activities and decide what resources you need to accomplish your goals. For our project, we had a number of different calendars, one for social posts, one for the overall timeline of the campaign, and one for releasing blogs and email newsletters. This allowed everyone to remain organized, and created an easy and cohesive structure that everyone could follow. Finally, you should put a financial plan together to determine how much your digital marketing activities will cost. Your digital marketing strategy will be your roadmap for success, It will help you stay focused and prioritize your efforts. Marketing is not a one-off activity. It’s a continuous and consistent effort. Marketing is like planting seeds. You don’t expect them to sprout overnight. It takes time and consistent effort to see results. This does not mean you need to annoy your audience with constant advertisements. It means you need to be consistently engaging with them through different channels.
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Create quality content

Once your digital marketing foundation is in place, you can start to create quality content. This is one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience. The trick is to create content your audience wants to consume and consider valuable. During our time with the CAC we created a range of different content that included blogs, ebooks, marketing toolkits, videos, promotional gear and more. Once again, the content you create should be relevant to your audience. It should be written in a way that is engaging, educational, and easy to read. You should also make it easy for your audience to share your content. This will help increase its reach and engagement. Another way to engage your audience with content is through email marketing. This is a tried and true marketing strategy that is still very effective today. It allows you to engage with your audience on a consistent basis. It also gives you the opportunity to deliver your content in an engaging way that is easy for your audience to consume.

We conducted several email marketing campaigns for the CAC which helped us drive action such as capturing leads, getting donations, and social sharing. Email marketing is a tried and true marketing strategy that has been effective for years. Email marketing is a relationship-building strategy that allows you to engage with your audience on a consistent basis. It also allows you to deliver your content in an engaging way that is easy for your audience to consume. When implemented correctly, email marketing can be an extremely effective way to engage with your audience. You can use email marketing to drive different types of actions. You can use email marketing to drive social shares and other forms of engagement. You can also use email marketing to drive sales and lead capture. Whatever actions you want your email marketing messages to drive, you must keep them consistent and relevant to your audience. Your email marketing messages must provide value to your audience. They must be interesting enough to make your audience want to keep reading them.

We also created two quality videos to help engage the CAC’s target audience. One was an informational video produced in two languages outlining the three pillars of the Responsible Coaching Movement. It was also aimed at encouraging sport organizations to take the RCM pledge. This video was promoted via email marketing and on social channels, and is featured prominently on the RCM webpage on coach.ca. The second was a campaign video called ‘Sound of Sport’ that was used for social media advertising, primarily on YouTube, to help raise general awareness about the movement. The video incorporated sounds from numerous sport-related activities, such as hitting a tennis ball or skating on ice, to create a unique soundscape.Video is a very powerful marketing tool. It can engage your audience more effectively than other marketing tools. It can increase your brand’s visibility and frequency, drive more traffic to your website, and increase your conversions.

Leverage social media

Once you have created some engaging content, you can leverage social media to engage your audience with it. Social media is a powerful tool for growing your brand and engaging with your customers. However, you must do it in a way that makes sense for your brand. You don’t want to spam your followers. Instead, you want to provide them with valuable content that engages, educates, and inspires them. You want to be consistent with your posts. Your followers are expecting to see new content from you on a regular basis. If you don’t provide it, they will move on and find someone who will. You can also use social media to create an online community around your brand. This can help you to engage with your customers in a more meaningful way. It can also help you to better understand your customers’ wants, needs, and challenges and provides a platform for you to interact with them directly.


Digital marketing can be a powerful way to engage your audience and drive action. However, it’s important to get it right. There is a lot of noise online, and it’s easy to get lost in it. Because of our deep dive discovery we were able to properly identify The Coaching Association of Canada’s target audience and how to engage them. By properly understanding the ideal buyer persona we were able to significantly increase web traffic and impressions as well as drive up the number of users engaged with the association.

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