Three Types of Corporate Videos and How To Use Them

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Corporate video is a hot topic in client conversations right now, and when you look at some of the video marketing statistics for 2020, it’s easy to see why. According to Social Media Today, video generates more engagement and sharing across all social media platforms than any other type of content. The main reasons for this are that 78% of people watch videos online every week and 55% percent watch videos every day. Also, 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or service by watching a video.

This means that you can create a beautiful website with amazing copy and graphics, but it will be video that really helps you drive awareness and build revenues for your product or service.

The key to great corporate videos is to make sure you’re developing the right type of video. In general, there are three main types of corporate videos:

  1. Overview Videos: Provide people with an idea of who you are and what you do.
  2. Case Study Videos: Provide people with proof of your success or competency.
  3. Company Culture Videos: Help you win the battle for talent by showing off your company culture.

When working with clients who need video, these are generally the first three types of corporate videos we create. Here’s why we recommend them and how they can be used across your marketing and communications activities.

Corporate Explainer Videos

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to tell people who you are and what you do. It will always be the first question any potential customer will have about you. Corporate explainer videos help you establish your brand and positioning quickly so that people can easily understand your value. The end goal is to build trust and a good corporate overview video is a huge part of how you start building trust.

A good corporate explainer video ends up ticking a bunch of boxes for a number of audiences including customers, current employees, and future employees. In general, this video shouldn’t be too long as we know that engagement rates decrease as the length of a video increases. Ideally, you can get this done in less than 60 seconds, but you shouldn’t need more than two or three minutes.

Here’s a good example of a great corporate explainer video we did for Swedish Door:

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Don’t be afraid to do something different. There’s no need to produce something boring and dry. Use your video as an opportunity to show some flair and creativity. Is there something unique about your company that you can show off? Do you have an employee that would be a good host? Is there an interesting creative angle you could take that shows off how unique you are?

Regardless of what path you choose, you’ll want to cover key points like what industry you’re in, what products/services you provide and what makes you unique. This video can be used on your website or social media and at events. For most of our clients, their corporate overview video is a key piece of cornerstone content that gets used over and over again.

Case Study Videos

A key element in building trust is showing your expertise and providing real-world examples. A good case study video or series of case study videos is a great way to do this. We will often do case study videos that combine live action video clips such as interviews with animated sequences to bring the story of success to life. An effective case study video will help leads move down the sales/marketing funnel.

Your case study should consist of three main sections:

1) Problem: What was the specific problem your customer was trying to solve, and what made them reach out to you for a solution?

2) Solution: What was the product or service they used to solve their problem, and why did they decide to choose that product or service?

3) Results: What positive change was brought about as a result of your solution? Ideally, you have some quantifiable results that you can share such as a 20% decrease in costs or 25% increase in revenue.

You want to be sure that your prospects can see themselves and their pain points in the case study. You also want prospects to get a clear picture of what they are going to get out of choosing your product or service.

The live action or interview sequences will be key in establishing credibility because they will see actual customers. Any animated sequences will help keep people engaged and add emphasis to important details.

Case study videos are great for your website, as part of a case study section and/or on your product/service pages. They can also help your ongoing content marketing efforts. When writing blog posts about specific solutions or ways of solving common industry problems, your case study videos can be helpful in illustrating the success of the solution you’re proposing. Releasing case studies at regular intervals also helps you keep prospects engaged, and your brand in consideration. We suggest emailing them to your mailing list each time you release one.

Company Culture Videos

It has been said that we buy from people, not companies, and that we buy from people that we know, like and trust. The best way for you to help prospects get to know you and your brand as people is to produce a company culture video.

Videos about company culture are a great way for you to help people to get to know you and have some fun. You want to paint a vivid picture of why your company exists, what motivates your employees, and what values you hold dear.

When people talk about exceptional company culture, Zappos is an example that will often come up. Here’s a great example of how they have used video to explain and promote their culture:

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These types of videos are invaluable when you’re looking to recruit employees, so they are a perfect fit for the careers section of your website. They also do well in terms of engagement on social media, so it’s always a good idea to look at pulling shorter clips out of a longer video for use on social media. Company culture videos are also great content pieces for your employees to share on their own social media profiles.


Whether you’ve done these types of videos in the past or you’re looking to get started, it’s a great time to start planning your video content strategy for the year.

If you have plans to do corporate video this year and need help figuring out your strategy, our Marketing Consultants are available to talk.

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