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What Do Gord and Mischief Have in Common?

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When I first heard about Gord, I was worried we’d get mixed reactions. But when I got to go out on the street and saw him in action? I knew that this would be a good Halloween!


Who is Gord?

Cyan Solution's Gord

This is my first year interacting with Gord. Like many of you, I was confused when I first saw him. I’ve gotta say, I’m hooked, and can’t wait till next year.


Clearly, Gord is meant to come out around Halloween. He’s so excited about the holiday that he’s passionately dedicated to handing out candy to anyone who passes by.


I found that a lot of people were skeptical about what he might do when they reached for some candy, rightfully so!!

But ultimately, it’s free candy! Why not? (Insert maniacal laughter here)





This year he wanted to go big or go home. So he went big in the courtyard of the World Exchange Plaza!! Except they didn’t like our plan – “they” being the world exchange patrol.

After getting kicked off the property (corporation rules- what can you do?) we shuffled over and set up on the corner of Queen St and Metcalfe St in Ottawa.

A twist of fate that completely worked in our favour!   Gord was now in the full hustle and bustle of people and after they fell in love with him, they started to gathered around to watch our next victim… Errr candy recipient.

Gord at World Exchange PlazaGord at World Exchange Plaza with Visitors



Mischief-making, Cyan style

Gord isn’t the first time we’ve stirred up mischief around town. And it definitely won’t be the last. We’ve incorporated mischief into our team because it gives us a chance to hang out with our coworkers and have some fun. It’s a team play experience!


In a sense, team building exercises have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Here at Cyan, we like to build a solid foundation of fun and play with our peeps. It brings in a new light, laughter and  often a chance to interact with you, the public and our clients in a playful way.


There are a few good reasons to follow Cyan Solutions on social media. One of the reasons is to follow along with our mischief —like Halloween’s Gord.


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Want to see what other trouble we’ll get into?



Have you met our Mischief Maker?

Who's the Cyan Mischief Maker? 

You heard it right! Cyan Solutions has a designated Mischief Maker!

She is in charge of stirring it up, and coming up with our mischief here at Cyan. Her creative spunk and out of the box thinking make her great at drumming up fun adventures for our team.




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