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What’s Included In A Branding Package?

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So you need branding for your great business idea or new business you want to launch, but you’re not sure what’s included in your branding package

At Cyan, we’ve been doing all aspects of branding for our clients for over 20 years. Listed below is a list of what’s included in a branding package. These are pretty standard across most of the industry but it’s a good idea to make sure you get a clear understanding when engaging a marketing agency or hiring a graphic designer.

1) Naming Exercise

Cyan Solutions will have an internal brainstorming session to determine suitable names for your business. We will then provide the list of suggested names for you to review.  We’ll refine them and work with you to determine the best name.

PRO TIP:  Do your own homework and come to the table with some inspiration and ideas that will help your team understand what you like and don’t like.

2) Corporate Identity Development

We will meet to gather input on your vision. Our branding experts will research and develop concepts through hand sketches and generate a first draft of a few different concepts. We will work with you to develop a few revisions.

PRO TIP: Find out from your marketing agency or graphic designer exactly how many sets of revisions are included and what the rate would be for additional rounds of revisions.

3) Final Production

Once a concept has been approved, Cyan will prepare the final logo artwork in colour, black and white variations and supply you with a variety of file formats intended for use in multiple media. (eps, jpg, png, tiff)

PRO TIP:  Be very clear with your marketing agency or graphic designer exactly what outputs you are getting.

4) The Extras

Once you get the basics down, there are some additional elements you might require:

Branding Guidelines: This is a detailed document that provides very specific details on your branding.  At a minimum, it will include the logos and their approved usage, details, colours and their Pantone/CMYK codes, as well as which fonts are to be used.

Email Templates: Ideally you should customize your email marketing templates but it’s probably a good idea to start with a standard template that leverages your new branding.

Signage: If you have a physical storefront, you’re probably going to need some signage.

Business Cards:  Probably the most important thing you’ll need is business cards.  These can be printed easily almost anywhere these days but it’s probably best to get something professionally designed.

Do you need a branding package?

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