How we revolutionized marketing at Canada’s National Cemetery

Case Study

Founded in 1873 and sitting on over 160 acres of land, Beechwood is the National Cemetery of Canada and also our National Military Cemetery. Beechwood offers funeral, burial and cremation services and is supported by the non-profit Beechwood Foundation.

Beechwood Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Services



Beechwood Cemetery


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A few years ago, we were approached by Beechwood in order to help them modernize their marketing and communications. The bereavement industry is known for spending the majority of their marketing budgets on traditional marketing channels like print and radio ads.

In order to connect with a modern audience on mobile devices, Beechwood wanted to see if they could do things differently. Instead of spending budget on activities with little attributable return on investment, Beechwood wanted to see if they could embrace digital and content marketing strategies in ways that would create an attributable, positive return on investment.


We developed a series of five main user personas for Beechwood’s products and services that include specific target demographic segments and cultural groups such as military families.



Within a year of launching the new website and Hubspot integration, Beechwood has recouped their entire investment in our services from additional revenue. Their online content offers have converted between 8% and 25% of people who view the pages, which in turn has generated an increase in foot traffic and over 1750 new leads for Beechwood’s sales staff to follow up with. Beechwood has also been able to move away from third party services, leading to a yearly cost savings of $50,000.

Donation Platform

Since launching a custom online donation platform, more than 60% of donations to the Beechwood Cemetery Foundation are received digitally as opposed to through the mail.

We’ve been able to touch people and create meaningful dialogue around bereavement where they live. The work Cyan has done to create a foundation for this has been invaluable and helped position our business for the future.

  • Nicolas McCarthy
  • Director of Marketing, Communications and Community Outreach

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