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Bring your brand to life with a logo that conveys who you are in a matter of seconds.

Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers

We created this colourful and dynamic logo for CASLT, a national association representing second language teachers. The multiple colours represent the diversity of languages (beyond English and French), with red being at the centre to represent Canada. The letters are fun and have a lot of movement to make a bold impact and to reflect the modern nature of the association. L2 is a well known acronym for second languages so this was an important element to incorporate. As such, the logo starts as a maple leaf but transitions to a speech bubble, in which second languages (l2) bring both elements together.

Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition logo
Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition

COLC approached us and asked us to create a bilingual logo that would represent Canadian waterways. Each arc in the logo symbolizes a body of water surrounding Canada: the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and The Great Lakes.


Sensors > Technology > Solutions
RELOGIX is on a mission is to turn data into valuable outcomes. They are a trusted source of workspace analytics for top global companies and are seeking to innovate within the industry of Corporate Real Estate technology. They leverage a decade of CRE and analytics expertise to help customers understand and optimize their workspaces.

The RELOGIX logo is a combination of their product design and data visualization charts. There is a hidden arrow in the X that represents their ability to expand and learn upon the information collected by their suite of products and services.

PT Canada
Proficiency Testing Canada

We worked with the newly founded PT Canada team to establish a visual identity, tagline: Building Confidence Through Proficiency Testing, messaging, website, trade show banner and marketing collateral to support its launch.

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