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Top 8 reasons why inbound marketing can accelerate growth for your business

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Does this sound familiar? You find it difficult to attract the right audience. You’re not getting enough leads. You don’t have a clear digital marketing strategy. Your marketing isn’t automated and your customers are disappearing. 

If this is the case, you’re most likely doing outbound or traditional marketing. While there is nothing inherently wrong with outbound marketing, your message must be broad to reach a massive audience. This one-size-fits-all approach makes it impossible to be relevant and adapt to the unique wants and challenges that today’s clients experience.

Traditional marketing has been labelled interruption marketing because it occurs when customers have not requested or asked for it. And, with growing privacy issues, consent is critical. Consumers have been asking for more transparency, faster interactions, social-proofed content and offers for the past decade.

Simply put, inbound marketing is the most efficient way to raise brand recognition and attract more qualified prospects. That’s because it’s based on the premise that by developing and distributing the correct information in the right location at the right time, your marketing becomes relevant and useful rather than disruptive. We went over how to run a successful inbound campaign in detail, but if you’re still not convinced, keep reading to find out why you should use inbound marketing to grow your business.

In addition to being straightforward, rational and ethical, let’s have a look at the other benefits of inbound marketing and why it’s vital for your business.


1. Inbound Marketing Is More Personalized

We mentioned earlier that customers were all about privacy, content, and there’s one more thing: personalization. By enabling inbound marketing, you get to craft content that engages potential customers at different stages of the funnel whether they classify as prospects or leads.

In fact, by making information readily available, you can create experiences that are helpful, educational, and timely. Using automation, you can easily target customers based on their interactions. The more you know about each customer grants you more opportunities to reach out to them and make them feel heard and seen. It’s like when you get a special discount for your birthday or another form of acknowledgement of important life events and milestones. According to Optinmonster, 48% of consumers spend more when their experience is personalized, while 74% are irritated when they see information that has nothing to do with them.

2. Inbound Marketing is Non-Intrusive

Whereas outbound marketing pushes messages, inbound marketing acts like a magnet. Outbound marketing gives “rented attention” through TV commercials, print ads, radio, and direct mail, but inbound marketing delivers “earned attention” as clients acquire trust in your brand as you generate quality content that they are seeking.

inbound marketing vs outbound marketing

Source: Inbound VS Outbound Marketing: Which One Is More Effective (


Inbound communication does not feel one-sided. It is engaging and draws people in. Your prospects go looking for solutions to their problems or challenges and organically discover your content. Here are 4 winning content marketing tips you should follow.

3. Inbound Marketing Gets You Quality Leads

Everyone knows it’s about quality, not quantity. If you follow the steps outlined in our blog post, you know that once you create highly relevant content for your buyer persona, they will naturally look for  your content and engage with it. To make this a breeze for them, you have to identify their needs, offer a gentle approach and provide educational freebies that can help them solve their challenge. 

You have to understand your target audience before you can appeal to them. The biggest advantage of investing in inbound marketing is that your company will be able to attract people who are already looking for the solutions you provide, even if they have never heard of you before.

4. Inbound Marketing is Quantifiable

Inbound marketing is measurable because you can link each component of your plan to a statistic that is tracked over time. Because inbound marketing is a digital marketing strategy, you can track and attribute practically any engagement.

This allows you to discover what is working the best or worst and enables  you to make changes quickly in order to improve results You may gain tremendous insights into your efforts and your audience by developing campaigns that contain A/B tests, automated processes, and customization moments. 

The world-renowned HubSpot platform serves as our powerful marketing management and automation tool, and Cyan is proud to be a Certified HubSpot Partner. Connect with one of our marketing consultants to learn how we can help you optimize the use of HubSpot in your organization.

5. Inbound Marketing is (Much) Cheaper

Inbound is cheaper because although it focuses on a smaller percentage of people,  that smaller percentage is your target customer. This  laser-focused approach means you’re more likely to convert leads. 

Furthermore, HubSpot’s research shows that inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than typical outbound tactics. Aside from not spending as much money, the impact is greater. In addition, Oracle discovered that, after five months of successfully executing an inbound approach, the average cost per lead is reduced by a whopping 80%.

This is also because several aspects of an inbound marketing approach, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, and content development (blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, and so on), are entirely free when done in-house. If you need help on SEO, we answered some of the most common SEO questions in this blog post.

6. Inbound Marketing Builds Credibility

Inbound marketing does more than just drive traffic. You’re able to build credibility and position yourself as experts in your field when you deliver actual value to your target audience.

Granting your prospects  with the knowledge they need to address their problems by providing them with helpful material, such as blog articles and downloadable eBooks and toolkits helps to foster a favourable perception of your brand. This enhances their trust in you, and keeps your company top of mind throughout the purchase process.

By producing free and informative content, you are paving the road for your business to be recognized as an industry leader while also offering a vital service to people who use your content.

7. Inbound Marketing Fosters Customer Loyalty 

Customers are prone to be put off with aggressive techniques. Your content is refreshing because your ideal customers will discover it and will be grateful that you didn’t force it on them.

Furthermore, because consumers are receiving so much value at their own pace with inbound marketing, they will have a far higher level of confidence in your brand.

inbound marketing customer loyalty facts

Source: What Do Customers Do For Brands They Love? | Yotpo

8. Inbound Marketing is Here to Stay 

Inbound marketing may be sustained and evergreen by using eBooks, whitepapers, or any other type of digital material. Traditional outbound techniques can only be used once before the information becomes dated. As a result, when this occurs, firms must reinvest once more (which escalates the costs).

Inbound Marketing material grows with time, and the recurring value of the content increases as well. Because older content continues to attract prospects, the amount of traffic and leads generated naturally grows with time. As a result, each dollar spent on inbound has a very long life, so even a small investment can have significant and lasting impact for years to come

inbound marketing evergreen steps

Source: What is Evergreen Content: A Guide to Content That Lasts (

Get started on your inbound or outbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing has no limits. You can increase repeat business and attract new customers by wowing your audience with personalized offers and great content.

And we believe that when combined with inbound, outbound performs incredibly well. Whatever your marketing plan, you must be able to keep up with the ever-changing marketing landscape. Cyan Solutions specializes in inbound marketing, content strategy and creation, search engine optimization, email marketing, campaign management, and other areas of expertise.

We have assisted hundreds of business clients and organizations in achieving their inbound marketing objectives by recommending innovative methods to communicate with customers and prospects at scale. Begin harnessing the power of inbound marketing now by scheduling a free Inbound Marketing Consultation.

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