Forest Products Association of Canada

The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) provides a voice for Canada's wood, pulp and paper producers nationally and internationally in government, trade, and environmental affairs.

We began working with FPAC in early 2010 and have since produced a wide range of projects together -  one of the most significant being the new FPAC Labour Market Information website. This website is like a Workopolis for the Forest Products industry - making jobs easily accessible to young professionals (job seekers) and allowing industry leaders (employers) to find new talent - while also collecting important and data on the industry.

The Brand

In 2014, following their 100th anniversary, FPAC approached Cyan with the task of a complete rebrand. We presented our client with a modern logo fitting for their association. The logo depicts a slightly abstract tree with repeating angular lines that draw the eye upwards, creating a feeling of movement, momentum and growth. In addition to a new logo, FPAC needed a full spectrum of marketing materials and Cyan was happy to carry the new brand into stationery, reports, fact sheets, infographics and more. Overall, Cyan created a youthful, approachable and professional brand for FPAC, allowing the association to stand out and be recognized by industry leaders and job seekers alike.

FPAC Greenest Workforce Magazine Ad Graphic Design
FPAC Style Guide Graphic Design
FPAC Branding Identity Graphic Design

The Greenest Workforce (GWF), funded by FPAC and the Government of Canada, focuses on finding young Canadians jobs in the forest products industry. To help GWF with this initiative, Cyan has created social media strategies and campaigns, intern t-shirts, magazine advertisements, fact sheets and newsletters. The GWF brand is recognized across Canada and Cyan played a large part in its growth.

FPAC Greenest Workforce T-shirt Graphic Design
Certification Canada

Funded by the Forest Products Association of Canada, Certification Canada promotes the use of internationally recognized sustainable forest management certification standards in Canada. Believeing that third-party certification is the best way to indicate positive change to all stakeholders, we were approached to design a website that was easy to navigate, intuitive and informative. The bilingual site features an interactive map and a full list of downloadable Canadian statistics. The colours used throughtout the design are complimentary to the FPAC brand, while staying true to the previous Certification Canada brand colours. The site is responsive and meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

FPAC Certification Canada Website Design



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